Every week, we have a new selection of wines by the glass and by the Lyonnaise ‘pot’ for you to discover. You can also go to the wine cellar and find yourself a bottle that suits the evening; there are 300 to choose from!
From wines that go down easily to some of the finest wine that the Rhone has to offer, there is something for everyone.

Most of our wines are certified organic wines or those that have been made in the most natural way possible, with no unwanted extras or sulphurs to be seen.
That isn’t our only selection criteria but one thing is for sure: we love to show off the hard work the winemakers put in behind the scenes to produce such magnificent beverages. 
Santé !

"Boire un Canon, c'est sauver un Vigneron"

"Boire un Pot, c'est sauver un Bistrot"

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